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Matt Marsh brings . . 

people shaped change

Matt is the ultimate truth serum. If you’ve got knots, then Matt unknots them. He gives you the escape exit, and the route out. That’s pretty unique.

Tom Savigar. Director, The Future Laboratory

All transformation & innovation initiatives demand behavioural, attitudinal and ways of working adjustments.

But, the fact is, not everyone will willingly accept the changes that are required.

Matt’s people-shaped approach will reveal, and then solve, the underlying human traits that lead to resistance and reluctance to change.

He will detect what really energises and motivates people.

So that your organisation can achieve its positive new future, faster and better.

Don’t let aversion to change hold you back.

Find out about Matt’s people-shaped approach to change.

Matt is unlike anybody else I’ve ever worked with. He has an incredible ability to bring people with him, everybody respects and listens to him, irrespective of seniority.

Alberta Soranzo. VP. Global Customer Experience. Sage.

More than two decades of research* shows that it’s the people-factor that stops organisations from moving forward.

Fewer than ten percent of businesses say that they succeeded at change and transformation.

Only a quarter of executives report that their attempts at change and transformation worked out.

And seven out of ten family-owned businesses say that they failed to change and transform themselves.

It’s the people-shaped bit that they’ve been missing.

* How Change Aversion Can Derail a Transformation, March 2023, Boston Consulting Group.

* Unlocking success in digital transformations, October 2018, McKinsey & Company

* Leading Change: Why Transformation Efforts Fail, John P. Kotter  Harvard Business Review June 1995

* Forbes 2018 & The Economist, January 2021

Matt brings a completely different lens than anyone else I have ever worked with. He is special. He creates the space for things to be done the right way.

Clive Grinyer. Director. Barclays Bank.

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 Unlocking people’s change potential.

matt marsh contact

Unlock your organisation’s unique potential

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