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About Matt

Matt Marsh has more than twenty-five years experience providing the creative, empathetic and progressive leadership that helps organisations change, transform and innovate successfully.

This work has already encompassed a range of sectors that includes transportation, healthcare, retail, hospitality, government, technology and telecommunications, for businesses in Japan, Korea, South Africa, Europe and the United States.

He has worked with strategy teams at Vodafone, Barclays, Lloyds, Microsoft, the NHS and Samsung, numerous SME’s and start-up’s, as well as served as Innovation Envoy for the UK’s Design Council.

Matt’s early roots lie in the behavioural sciences and he was awarded a BSc in Ergonomics and Human Factors at Loughborough University. He has spent the last thirty years pioneering and promoting the benefits of a People-Shaped approach in business.

His first book, “People-Shaped, Tales and Tricks of a Human Centred Designer”, was published in 2018 and he presented its core findings at TEDx in Krakow, Poland.

Previously, Matt was studio director for the award-winning innovation firm, IDEO, where he built one of Europe’s most respected creative business consulting teams.

Alongside his consulting work with businesses, Matt is a lecturer on the MBA and Executive education electives at Judge Business School Cambridge University, the MA programs at the Royal College of Art in London, and a visiting professor at Ravensbourne University.

Matt is also creative director at human-centred design consultancy Firsthand Experience and co-founder of Tickbird & Rhino, a community practice that brings together people from different backgrounds in creative conversation and collaboration.

People-Shaped, Tales and Tricks of a Human Centred Designer book cover

Tales and Tricks of a Human Centred Designer- Matt Marsh

What Matt brings to the table is a focus on what is actually important, with a unique and engaging way to position this to clients.

Lynne Mills. Director. Microsoft Intelligent Cloud.

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